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Looking for a plumber in Cairns? You’re in luck. Here at Plumber Cairns, you will find a team of qualified plumbers who can not only unclog stuck drains and toilets and fix leaky faucets - but who can also handle more complex tasks, too.

We’ll take care of all of your plumbing needs and problems, from hot water heater repair and installation, gas servicing, and more.

It doesn’t matter how small your problem might be. Even something as “minor” as a dripping faucet can lead to hundreds of dollars’ worth of waste when it comes to your water bill - and you don’t have to tolerate it for one second longer.

Plumbing can be complicated and if you don’t keep the plumbing systems in your home in tiptop shape, you’re going to see the impacts of this decision later on. Putting off a clogged toilet might seem like no big deal - until that toilet floods your bathroom floor.

So contact Plumber Cairns today. We’ll get your hot water back on, your plumbing working normally, and your gas heater installed in no time at all.

Choosing The Best Plumbing Company

Here at Plumber Cairns, we’re a team of professionals who not only love their jobs, but are happy to assist with any plumbing issues you might have. We’ll do it at a reasonable price, too, without making you feel as though you’re “plumb broke!” Give us a call today and we’ll show you what you’ve been missing when you’ve hired plumbers in the past.
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Plumber Cairns - Professional Values

At Plumber Cairns, we have three core professional values that guide everything we do.

1 - Safety

When it comes to working with gas fittings and water mains, knowing the ropes is important. You should only hire professionals who know what they’re doing - and know how to do it safely. Cut-rate just won’t cut it. Here at Plumber Cairns, we are apprised of all of the latest safety standards and regulations and equipped with the most up-to-date equipment so you don’t have to worry about anybody’s (or anything’s) safety in your home.

2 - Customer Service

Have you ever called a repairman or technician out to your home, for any reason, and just felt like you weren’t respected? Unfortunately, this experience is way more common than it should be.

However, when you call Plumber Cairns, we’ll make sure it doesn't happen to you. Our goal is to make every customer feel as though their concerns are valid and their wishes are respected. We offer friendly, quality customer service for every interaction - no matter how big or small.

3 - High-quality Work

When we deliver estimates, we’ll always give you the most competitive, accurate, and affordable options for your needs. These estimates not only reflect current market trends but also take you and your unique needs in mind. You’ll love the value of our services - something that you can rely on for consistency and quality each and every time.

Qualified Plumbing Services In Cairns

Blocked Drain Repairs Cairns


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A blocked drain is no laughing matter. If your drains are producing unpleasant smells or you find that your shower, toilet, or shower are slow to drain, it could be a blockage that is causing your problems.

It’s time to address your blocked drains before they get any worse. A severely blocked drain can cause problems like wastewater backup or even properties that become flooded with raw sewage - not fun. We have decades’ worth of experience to help get rid of those blockages in your drains and to prevent further problems down the road.
Broken Toilet Repairs Cairns


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There’s a good chance that you don’t think a whole lot about your toilet - that is, until something goes horribly wrong! Whether it’s a blockage or a new toilet installation that you need to deal with, our plumber will offer quality service when it comes to toilet repairs and installation.
Burst Pipe Repairs Cairns


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A pipe can burst for many different reasons. We’re fortunate here, in Australia, not to have to worry about freezing temperatures breaking our pipes. However, we do still have other issues to contend with, like corroded pipes and those that become too pressurized (usually due to a blockage) and ultimately burst.
Hot Water Servicing Cairns


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You need hot water - likely, you use it every single day to bathe, wash, and cook. If you need a new hot water system installed or serviced, we’re just the folks to do it. We work with major brands like Dux, Bosch, and more, and can be in and out in a hurry.
Gas Plumbing Cairns


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Whether you’re installing new gas fittings for your heating or barbeque needs or maintaining the ones you already have, Plumber Cairns is the company to call to handle all of your gas plumbing needs. We offer rapid, same-day service and can help keep you and your family safe. Whether you’re in need of a new gas fitting or just want to address a problem with your existing ones, give us a call today.
Professional Plumbing Service Cairns

Why Hire A Professional Plumber?

Sure, you can try to DIY your plumbing yourself. However, there are plenty of good reasons to consider calling us instead.

First and foremost plumbing is a licensed trade meaning any plumbing or gas fitting works undertaken MUST by law be undertaken by a licensed plumber or technician. Aside from being against the law, some plumbing situations can be downright dangerous, especially if it involves gas or the buildup of water pressure, and these situations can be dangerous to both person and property. 

Attempting to fix certain plumbing issues yourself will generally go against the terms of most home and contents insurers meaning if something goes wrong with your repairs in the short or long term your insurance decide not to not to cover you, and you'll be out of pocket a substantial amount.


Our hot water stopped working early one morning, Plumber Cairns were quick to answer the phone and were at our place in less than 20 minutes and had our hot water going again shortly afterwards. Fast response, friendly attitude and very reasonable prices.

Christina S.

I had a drainage pipe in our yard become badly clogged due to some tree roots that had broken through and blocked the drain, Plumber Cairns was able to clear out all the roots and gunk and replace all the cracked pipes, they worked really fast and did a top job, thanks guys.

Sam R.

We only had a small job, just a few dripping taps that had been dripping for long enough, but Plumber Cairns were still happy to come around and help us out. Friendly service and quality work.

Bill J.

Your House Is Your Most Important Asset

Second only to those intangible assets like your family and friends, your house is likely your most valuable asset. Because of this, it’s important that you call a plumber in the event of any major plumbing problem.

If you’ve ever dealt with any of the following issues, you probably already know how important it is to find the right plumbers - rather than trying to tackle the problems yourself:
● Unblocking a drain
● Unclogging a toilet
● Making hot water tank repairs
● Maintaining and installing hot water systems
● Servicing and installing hot water heaters
● Gas fitting and installations (including barbeque installation and repair, gas stove installation, gas heater repair, etc)
Hiring a plumber isn’t just about hiring someone to fish out that action figure your son stuffed down the toilet. It’s about hiring a professional who will not only help you get your life back to normal (wouldn’t it be nice to use your toilet without worrying whether it’s going to flush?) so you don’t have to worry about damaging your most valuable asset - your house!
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Why Choose Plumber Cairns?

We are a fully licensed, qualified and insured Plumbing service and operate all over Cairns and surrounding areas.
 We take pride in our work to ensure that you get the best service for the best price. We guarantee all of our work and aim to make sure all our customers are satisfied. 
Whether it’s a broken pipe or just a clogged toilet that has you feeling frustrated, you can rest assured that our quality customer service, affordable prices, and commitment to safe, effective work will put you at ease. We can handle any job, big or small - so be sure to give us a call today.
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Best Quality Plumbing Service In Cairns

A blocked drain. Tree root in drains. Hot water’s out. Your hot and cold tap washers are causing leaky plumbing. At Plumber Cairns, we are more than just a team of plumbers carrying flaring pliers and pipe wrenches - we’re skilled professionals who know how to work with all kinds of plumbing parts and problems - from PVC pipe to overflow relief gullies.

Whether it’s your toilet flush pipe, toilet cistern, your overflow relief gully, your sewage system, your gas hot water system, or anything else, Plumber Cairns offers all the plumbing, sewage/waste removal, and gas fitting services you need.

No hot water? Pilot light doesn’t work? We can fix all of your plumbing fixtures and get you back to normal. From burst pipes to drainage problems and even regular hot water and gas system servicing, repairs, and installation, we’re happy to help with whatever you need.

Not sure whether we have what it takes? Just give us a call. We’re happy to walk you through all of our options - and to provide you with a free quote so your life can get back to normal.
It is our pleasure to do the plumbing works for you with principles consistent to the local guidelines for any and all plumbing works. Plumber Cairns follows all industry guidelines for safe and high quality plumbing services.
Best Plumbing Service Cairns

Best Plumbing Services In Cairns

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