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Uh oh - blocked drains making a mess of your kitchen or bathroom? Whether it's your sink, your shower, your tub, or your stormwater drain, Plumber Cairns can handle it all.

Drains can easily become clogged by a variety of materials. Knowing what’s blocking your drains - and ideally, keeping it out in the first place! - is the first step you should take to addressing this problem. However, when a clog happens, it’s important that you contact a licensed plumber immediately before the problem gets worse - or leads to more serious problems, like burst pipes.

What Causes A Blocked Drain?

Any kind of debris that makes its way into your drains can result in a full or partial blockage - generally speaking, the only thing a drain is truly meant to handle is water.

All of these materials can cause blocked drains, but often, the problem isn’t so much the debris as it is the result of a narrow pipeline. Often, older drain lines are extremely narrow and easily become blocked.

Some common causes of blocked drains include:
● Fat, grease, and oil
● Hair and soap scum
● Leaves, dirt, and rocks
● Tissues
● Food waste

How To Unblock a Drain

Look online for solutions and you’ll find all kinds of DIY ideas to teach you how to unblock your own drains - but that doesn’t always mean you should. Lots of these ideas urge homeowners to try caustic chemicals that can potentially damage their pipes and lead to other costly problems.

When you call Plumber Cairns, we’ll address your blocked drain with a bit more precision and care. We’ll look carefully at what’s causing the blockage and see if we can use mechanical methods of removal before relying on more dangerous chemical ones.

We have your safety - and your budget - in mind. We also service toilet repairs and installation. For a free quote to unblock your drain in Cairns, give us a call today.
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